All Codebrew competitors must follow the following rules when participating in any Codebrew event. Please read them carefully. If you have any questions or concerns please raise them with a Codebrew organiser.


1.    Teams must comprise of 4-5 people.

Teams with less than the required number will be asked to merge. CISSA reserves the right to relax this restriction at our discretion.


1.    Teams have 36 hours to build their project. There are no restrictions on what form it should take, programming languages, or devices.

2.    Teams must not work on any pre-existing project for the competition.

3.    Teams must not commence any form of development or design work before the start of the competition. This includes, but not limited to, any code, graphics, audio, and 3D design work.

4.    Teams may only build the project during the allocated time.

5.    All your code must be published in a public publicly accessible repository, with a link to the repository provided in your submission. All parts of your code must remain up for the entirety of the judging process.

6.    Any third-party material used must be legally licensed and is available to the public to download or buy. You may purchase materials, tools and equipment for the competition, but at your own expense. You must list of all third-party material and APIs, including anything that was purchased, in your submission.