For participants who may be looking for a team to work with, please use the #team-finder channel on our Discord.

In addition, we anticipate that participants would like some guidance and expert opinion on their ideas. Thus, we will be bringing in experienced mentors from industry leaders such as Google, Atlassian, IMC, Microsoft etc. to act as mentors that can provide some feedback to our participants during regular checkpoint sessions and technical workshops held throughout the Codebrew 2021.

We will also be holding workshops on topics related to Tech Stacks, UI/UX design, Web/App Development, Version Control etc. during and leading up to the event for participants who may require some assistance with the technical aspects of building software.

Last but not least, as the hackathon is virtual, we will be providing Care Packs that are available for pick up in Melbourne or shipped interstate within Australia. We wish for participants located in Australia but not based in Melbourne to feel more connected to the rest of Codebrew community through these Care Packs. Keep an eye out on this space and/or our Facebook/Discord/Codebrew Website to find out the goodies in the Care Packs!